Master your team's performance, applications, and rewards.

Why ViewTurn?

In 1955, Fortune Magazine created its first list of 500 companies. Since that time only 12% of the original companies on that list are still around.

When a company and its employees are unable to adapt to changes or transformations in their market, they loose revenue and market share. This ends up being the #1 reason companies go out of business.

ViewTurn allows companies to address this problem, with the invention of a completely adaptive employee capital solution. Instead of a one size fits all product, ViewTurn is 100% customizable for a customers environment.

With ViewTurn, companies analyze their current employees and identify the top performers within the company. Then our customers are able to locate new employees, which closely resemble the top performers' attributes and character traits.

About ViewTurn

ViewTurn utilizes a comprehensive process that is designed to allow our customers to continuously improving market knowledge, client shifts and demands, by hiring individuals who are equipped with the skills necessary to proactively recognize market and client needs.

These individuals possess the core attributes and necessary character traits required to smoothly adapt to these changes in the market place.

This is our unique five-step process:

Discovery Analyzing Presentation Implementation Monthly Tracking


Discover a Candidate’s Make-up

Optimal Candidate™ is ViewTurn's secret sauce for identification of “Core Values” and “Character Traits”. These attributes are consistently found in all Top Performers. Only Optimal Candidate™ harnesses the specific knowledge of your company’s Top Performers, then uses this information to produce the perfect candidates for your job opening.

Send Interview Questions, Receive Responses via Video

Video Interviewing allows you to see and hear from candidates at your convenience. Whether you’re sitting in your office, at the airport lounge or relaxing on your living room couch, you can review all the candidates’ answers to your interview questions, then select those who best meet your requirements.

Identify Top Performers

Performance Analytics is the unique functionality inside of ViewTurn, which monitors and tracks the performance of your current and newly hired employees, then presents them with digital recognition for their achievements.

Experience True Team Chemistry™

Eliminate intra-team personality conflicts with ViewTurn's - True Team Chemistry™ feature.

True Team Chemistry™ provides an analysis of your teams and the each of the members within the team, and then creates a mapping of intra-team chemistry. The system then suggests the perfect team configurations, specific to your company.

Save Company Time and Money

ViewTurn’s integration with WebEx, allows you have to the option to conduct live one-on-one interviews with your candidates via WebEx.

This enables you to ask gotcha questions and make more qualified decisions before bringing candidates in for an in-person interview and potential offer.